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Daily Calorie Intake

Energy expenditure, basal metabolic rate and power sales


For each activity, your body needs energy, eg for respiration, digestion, circulation and movement. The energy expenditure per day (daily calorie intake) is composed of the basal metabolic rate and the power sales. The basal metabolic rate is the amount of energy needed by the body at complete rest to maintain his body functions. To calculate the basal metabolic rate there are various formulas, including the Harris -Benedict formula, the Broca's index adjustment and the Mifflin -St. Jeor formula. You can also measure the basal metabolic rate more concretely by means of calorimetry, indirectly via the oxygen consumption and directly across the discharged body heat.

Physical activity, of course, increases the demand for energy. The power sales refers primarily to performed muscle work. Because the daily done muscular work greatly varies on professional and sporting activities various PAL factors (PAL = Physical Activity Level) are divided for calculation.

If you adjust your calorie intake to your personal and individual energy expenditure, your body weight remains constant. When you absorb less, your body weight decreases with time and you lose weight. However, you should be careful to ensure not to eat under the basal metabolic rate. In this case, in addition to the fat reserves the muscles are reduced. Another unwanted effect when you lose weight in this radical way, is the yo-yo effect.

The daily calorie intake is depending on gender, age, body size and body weight. However, many other factors also have influence, eg. outside temperature, physical activity and health. Therefore, an accurate determination of this value is very difficult.

How Fddb calculates the daily calorie intake?

Fddb calculates the daily calorie intake with the so-called Harris-Benedict-Formula. If you have stated in your profile sporting activities, they are also included in the calculation.

Attention: Fddb estimates your daily needs as well as possible. However, each person is different. Your real daily calorie intake may be higher or lower. If you are doing competitive sports or have specific diseases, the calculated daily calorie intake will differ greatly from your actual daily calorie intake. In your profile you have the possibility to provide your daily calorie intake freely.

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