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Frequently asked questions


How do I use the food diary?

In the food diary you write down all the foods that you have eaten on one day. Use the search function to find food and dishes in the database. You can search by manufacturer, product name or EAN. In the food diary you can record the consumed portion.

Important: Always talk to a doctor or dietician before making any changes to your diet. If you want to eat consciously due to illness, check with your doctor or dietician if using Fddb is appropriate in your case.

Can I use the food diary with several people on one computer?

No Problem! However, each user requires a separate user account which can be created under the menu item "My Fddb". You need a separate email address for each user account.

How long products are saved in the food diary?

Products are saved for 90 days in the food diary. As a premium members the storage time extends to 2 years. With the function "delete food diary" you can always remove all the products from your food diary.

What is the Activity Index?

If you have created an account on Fddb your activity index is displayed on the profile page. The activity index shows how hard and how regularly you use the website and the food diary. Your activity index can be seen only by you.

Why do products disappear from my food diary?

Products are saved for 90 days in your food diary, then they are automatically deleted. Products of Premium members will be saved for 2 years.

Where does Fddb come from and what does the name mean?

Fddb stands for Food Database.
Fddb was founded in 2004 by Thomas Bohlmann.

What times are behind the presentation in the diary?

After times of the day:

0 to 11 clock : morning
11 to 15 clock : noon
15 to 24 clock : evening

after meals

0 to 9 Clock : breakfast
9 to 11 clock : Snack 1
11 to 13 clock: lunch
13 to 16 clock : Snack 2
16 to 20 clock : supper
20 to 24 clock : Snack 3

How can I add sports activities?

To add sports activities in your diary, click on the tab "My FDDB", then on "Diary" and then "Add Activity" in the right menu. You get a choice of activities. Look for your sports activity and add the duration of the activity. The calorie consumption is automatically captured and included in your daily total.

What does the 80% rule mean?

The by our users so-called 80% method means to eat only 80% of the calculated daily requirement. The advantage of this method is that you are eating enough, have had enough and you are still lower than your daily requirement. Many of our users lose weight in a healthy way by this method because they do not lose radical weight. Your daily requirement is automatically calculated. When you add items in your food diary, you will see, what percentage you already have eaten the day.

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