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Mineral Zinc

Mineral Zinc


Zinc can be found in beef, pork and poultry. Nuts, beans and seeds are good sources for zinc, too.

Food Sources for Zinc

 1 glass Buttermilk 200 ml1 mg
  Goose roast, classical 225 g2.9 mg
  Ground Pork / Minced pork meat 100 g2.7 mg
 1 serving Pancake 150 g0.9 mg
 1 small Clementine, fresh 50 g0.1 mg
 1 slice Roquefort (cheese), 45% fat i.d.m. 30 g0.6 mg
 100 g Rutabaga, raw 100 g0.1 mg
 100 g Strawberries, raw 100 g0.1 mg
 100 g Pike, cooked 100 g0.9 mg
  Peanuts, raw 10 g0.3 mg
  Stuffed bell pepper 220 g4.2 mg
 150 g Yoghurt, 3.5% fat, average 150 g0.7 mg
 100 g Cucumber, fresh 100 g0.2 mg
 100 g Guacamole 100 g0.4 mg
  Apple rings, baked 150 g0.8 mg
 100 g Plums, dried 100 g0.4 mg
  Pork roast 250 g0.3 mg
 1 serving Risotto 300 g0.3 mg
 1 serving Tzatziki 200 g0.8 mg
 1 medium sized Lemon, fresh 80 g0.1 mg

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