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Vitamin A

Vitamin A (also: retinol, beta-carotene): For good eyesight

Description and function

The fat-soluble vitamin A is particularly important for the eyesight, skin and the immune system. It regulates the light-dark vision, is important for the formation and maintenance of skin cells and mucous membranes and the immune system. The precursor of this vitamin, beta-carotene, is an antioxidant in the body.

The recommended daily requirement for women is 0.8 mg, for men 1 mg.

Foods high in vitamin A / retinol

Vitamin A is found particularly rich in liver, egg yolk, fish, milk and dairy products. Beta-carotene is contained primarily in carrots, red peppers and spinach.

»  Köttbullar (swedish meat balls) 200 g0.1 mg
» 100 g Elderberry, black 100 g0.06 mg
»  Nutellla roll 83 g0.07 mg
» 1 slice Appenzeller cheese, 50% fat i.d.m. 30 g0.09 mg
» 100 g Grapes, white, fresh 100 g0.01 mg
» 1 serving Spaghetti alla Bolognese 400 g0.24 mg
» 15 ml Fish oil, cod liver 15 ml4.5 mg
» 1 slice Tilsit, 45% fat i.d.m. 30 g0.09 mg
» 1 medium sized Carrot, fresh 100 g1.2 mg
» 100 g Oliebol (oil balls) 100 g0.15 mg
» 150 g Mousse au chocolat 150 g0.27 mg
»  Doner kebab, with chicken 360 g0.07 mg
» 1 slice Camembert cheese, 45% fat i.d.m. 30 g0.1 mg
»  Fruit salad, average 150 g0.02 mg
» 1 serving Minestrone (Italian soup) 250 ml0.4 mg
» 1 piece Avocado, fresh 250 g0.05 mg
» 1 serving Toast Hawaii 170 g0.19 mg
» 100 g Cantaloupe, raw 100 g0.78 mg
» 1 small sized Tomato, fresh 50 g0.02 mg
» 1 serving Kaiserschmarrn (Austrian dessert) 300 g1.05 mg

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