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Vitamin B12



Vitamin B12 is produced by bacteria found in animals. Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause anemia.

Food Sources for Vitamin B12

ProductServingVitamin B12
 1 slice Tilsit, 45% fat i.d.m. 30 g0.6 μg
  Liver dumpling 120 g12 μg
  Cheese bun (baked cheese on top of bun), with butter 94 g0.564 μg
 1 serving Scrambled eggs 200 g3.2 μg
 100 g Oliebol (oil balls) 100 g0.4 μg
 1 serving Kaiserschmarrn (Austrian dessert) 300 g1.5 μg
 1 serving Calamari, deep-fried 300 g0.9 μg
 1 piece Raisin bun 50 g0.25 μg
 1 serving Pizza salami, average 350 g2.8 μg
 1 slice Gorgonzola cheese, 50% fat i.d.m. 30 g0.39 μg
 1 serving Maultaschen (german cuisine) 250 g3.5 μg
 1 slice Appenzeller cheese, 50% fat i.d.m. 30 g0.3 μg
  Viennese Schnitzel, with potatoes 350 g0.35 μg
  Apple rings, baked 150 g0.45 μg
  Fanta cake 65 g0.195 μg
 1 slice Camembert cheese, 45% fat i.d.m. 30 g0.84 μg
 1 cup Coffee, with milk (1.5% fat) 160 ml0.32 μg
 1 medium sized Hen's egg 55 g1.045 μg
 100 g Spätzle (german egg noodles) 100 g0.7 μg
 1 serving Toast Hawaii 170 g1.36 μg
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