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Vitamin K

Information on Vitamin K (also: Mena and Phylloquinone )

Description and function

The fat-soluble vitamin K is involved in the production of clotting factors in the blood. Another function in the human body is the mineralization of bones on the calcium metabolism. The exact mechanisms of action are not known yet. The recommended daily intake is 60 micrograms for women and 70 micrograms for men.

Deficiency symptoms

A nutritional deficiency of vitamin K is very unlikely for healthy persons with a balanced diet. Because vitamin K affects blood clotting, a lack may lead to increased bleeding and greater blood loss in case of injury. In babies, a vitamin K deficiency leads to an increased risk of cerebral hemorrhage.

Side effects of overdose

Side effects aren't known for adults. However, for newborns, an overdose of vitamin K can lead to increased breakdown of red blood cells.

Foods high in Vitamin K

Vitamin K is found particularly rich in vegetables, meat and dairy products.

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