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Calorific values of fruits


Noch kein Foto | Uploaded by: Fddb» Canned fruits (13)
Physalis, frisch | Uploaded by: JuliFisch» Exotic fruits (62)
getrocknetes Obst | Uploaded by: JuliFisch» Dried fruits (31)
Apfel, frisch | Uploaded by: JuliFisch» Fresh fruits (65)


Products sorted by producers

Apple, BraeburnPopular productwith photo
Apple, Pinovawith photo
Apple, Honey Crunchwith photo
Apple, Wellant with photo
Apple, Boskopwith photo
Apple, Golden Deliciouswith photo
Apple, Pink LadyPopular productwith photo
Apple, Tenroy, Royal Galawith photo
Apple, Granny SmithPopular productwith photo
Apple, Kanziwith photo
Apple Cripps Pink, Pink Sensationwith photo
Apple freshly cookedwith photo
Aronia berries, chokeberries
Avocado, Semilwith photo
Baby kiwi
Banana, unripe/greenwith photo
Banana cooked
BlueberriesPopular productwith photo
Blueberries (blueberries)
Cedri, citrus fruit
Dried fruit, Wild apricot
Grapes, greenwith photo
Guanábana, pulp
Japanese grape berry, sweet
Kiwi, yellowPopular productwith photo
Lemon smoothie (with peel), lemon
Minneolawith photo
Mountain peach, Wild peachwith photo
Nectacot, Apricot
Nicogreen Greenstarwith photo
Pear, freshPopular productwith photo
Pear Alexanderwith photo
Persimmon UK
Pomegranate, dried
Red bananawith photo
Ringwormwith photo
Sapotewith photo
Sea buckthorn, dried
Sweet cherries, freshwith photo
Tamarindswith photo
UVA Americana, Grapes
Young coconut meat, coconutwith photo
Zespri Gold, yellow kiwiwith photo

Apple, Holstein Coxwith photo
Apple, Jazz/Scifreshwith photo
Apple, Vistarwith photo
Apple, Jonagoldwith photo
Apple, Idaredwith photo
Apple, Topazwith photo
Apple, ElstarPopular productwith photo
Apple, freshPopular productwith photo
Apple, Braeburnwith photo
Apple - Junami, juicywith photo
Apple deseeded
Apricotwith photo
Aronia berrieswith photo
Baby bananaswith photo
Baby pineapple, fresh
Banana (without peel)
black currant freshwith photo
Blueberries, dried
Cinnamon Applewith photo
Cornelian cherry (Dürlitze)with photo
fresh apple
Grapes, red, freshPopular productwith photo
honey pomelo, bitter sweetwith photo
Kelek, (unripe green melon)
Lemon, freshwith photo
Medlar, freshwith photo
Mirabelle plums / creepers, redwith photo
Mulberries, freshwith photo
Nesperawith photo
Olives, green, spanishwith photo
Pear, Abate Fetelwith photo
Pear, troutwith photo
Pepino, melon pearwith photo
Plums, yellow, freshwith photo
Prune, freshwith photo
Red currants
Rock pearwith photo
Satsuma, freshwith photo
Sea buckthorn berrywith photo
Sugar melon / Musk melonwith photo
Sweetie, citruswith photo
Tayberrywith photo
Zespri, Green Kiwiwith photo

Birne, frisch | Uploaded by: JuliFisch

Birne, frisch | Uploaded by: JuliFisch

Most popular in this group

Apple, fresh
Strawberry, fresh
Pear, fresh
Apple, Pink Lady
Grapes, red, fresh
Apple, Granny Smith

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