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Apple turnoverwith photo
Lemon cakewith photo
Strawberry cakewith photo
Fanta cakewith photo
Crumble cakewith photo
Bee sting cake, cream
Apple cheese cake with almond crust
Apple pie, short pastrywith photo
Red currant cake, short pastry with beaten egg white and currants with photo
Plum cake, yeast dough
Apple pie, made of yest dough with photo
Cheese cakewith photo
Curd cocos cake
Filled crumble piewith photo
Buttercream cake made of biscuit doughwith photo
Fruit cake with stone fruit,

Fruit cake with crumbles,
with photo
Cherry yeast cake, cherry with skim milk yogurt icing
Cherry marcarpone cake,

Crumble cake, filledwith photo
Apple pie from scramble
Marble cake, without glazewith photo
Cheesecake (Baking Express)
Coconut sheet cake
Doughnuts, apricot fillingwith photo
Belgian rice pattywith photo
Chocolate cake from spongewith photo
Kiwi quark cake, kiwi quarkwith photo
Tangerine cheese cream slice
Wreath cake (yeast wreath)with photo
Buchtel, cherrywith photo
Plum cake from yeast dough low fat
Covered apple pie with almond crust
Eclair with dark chocolate coating,
filled with vanilla pudding
with photo
Puff pastry Copenhagen with pudding and jam
Potato cake corner, Stangengrüner mill bakery
Egg roll with fruit,
Stangengrüner Mühlenbäckerei

Almond wreathwith photo
Sea buckthorn yogurt cream slice,
Stangengrüner Mühlenbäckerei

Cheesecake, Stangengrüner Mill Bakery
Peach fruit slice, Stangengrüner mill bakery
Streusel cake, Stangengrüner mill bakery
Apple pie with crumble and custard,
Stangengrüner Mühlenbäckerei
with photo
Sheet cake with fruit ,

Butter cakewith photo
Baumkuchenwith photo
Raspberry and cherry tart,
made from shortcrust pastry and sponge cake bas

Dresden egg rollwith photo

Poppy seed cakewith photo
Almond cake
Apfelstrudel (Apple strudel)with photo
Plum cake from yeast doughwith photo
Chocolate cake, averagewith photo
Buttercream cakewith photo
Bee sting cakewith photo
Marble cakewith photo
Curd cake, with peaches
Raspberry cakewith photo
Braided yeast bun, low fat
Muffins, chocolatewith photo
Plum cakewith photo
Fruit cake from yeast dough,
with photo
Nut cakewith photo
Covered apple pie from yeast doughwith photo
Advocaat cakewith photo
Spice cakewith photo
Yeast cake with creme fraiche baked with butter
Low carb muffin MadCow
Cherry puff pastry
Curd cake with crumbleswith photo
Petit Four, chocolate
Strawberry cakewith photo
Peach-passion fruit curd tartwith photo
Blob cakewith photo
Cream cake (baker Görtz)
Brownie, chocolate-walnutwith photo
Galette des rois, cake
Organic covered apple pie,

Napoleonshat, cake
Peach cake
Bee sting with vanilla cream
Raspberry cream slice
Shrapnel (baker)with photo
Raspberry tartlet, raspberrywith photo
Sand cakewith photo
Mohrenkopf Patisserie
Quark cake with coconut,
Stangengrüner Mühlenbäckerei

Tangerine fruit tart,
Stangengrüner Mill Bakery

Sheet cake with fruit,

Nougat cream slice, Stangengrüner Mühlenbäckerei
Chocolate roll
Crumbled doughnuts with vanilla pudding (Karger)
Apricot strawberry, yeast cake with apricot filling
mini strawberry pudding cake
Plum cake (yeast dough)with photo
Cheese and apricot crumble cake

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