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Noch kein Foto | Uploaded by: Fddb» Dessert (66)
Noch kein Foto | Uploaded by: Fddb» Soups and stews (121)
Spaghettini no 3 | Uploaded by: JuliFisch» Pasta (51)


Average value (25), Restaurant (45), Selfmade (94), Snack Stand (3)

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Apple rings, bakedwith photo
Beef roulade with gravywith photo
Boiled eggs in mustard saucewith photo
Boiling fowl, with skin, cooked
Calamari, deep-friedwith photo
Carrot potato rösti (hash browns)with photo
Cheese bun (baked cheese on top of bun),
with butter

Chili con carne, canteen kitchenwith photo
Chinese noodles with beef
Cordon bleuwith photo
Cream schnitzel with sauce
Cuscouswith photo
Fish filet, breaded, canteen kitchenwith photo
Fruit salad, averagewith photo
Green salad with vinegar and oilwith photo
Kohlrabi soup
Lamb roast with saucewith photo
Liver dumplingwith photo
Manti, dishwith photo
Mashpotatoeswith photo
Minced meat sauce, italian herbs
Omelet with mushroomswith photo
Pan cakeswith photo
PancakePopular productwith photo
Pasta with tomato sauce, kanteen kitchenwith photo
Plaice, breadedwith photo
Pork roastwith photo
Potato goulashwith photo
Potato salad, with yoghurtwith photo
Quiche with leek, veggie
Risottowith photo
Roast beef with saucewith photo
Sauce with minced meatwith photo
Schnitzel, breadedPopular productwith photo
Spaetzlewith photo
Spaghetti, with tomato sauce
Spaghetti BolognesePopular productwith photo
Spaghetti Carbonarawith photo
Stuffed bell pepper, pointed pepper, minced meat, ricewith photo
Stuffed bell pepperwith ricewith photo
Taco saladwith photo
Tomato Cream Soup
Turkey roast, stewedwith photo
Tzatzikiwith photo
Viennese Schnitzel, with potatoes
White cabbage roulade, filled with minced meat
Wok vegetables, asianwith photo

Beef filet steamed with sauce
Bell pepper stuffed with minced meat and rice
Boiled potatoeswith photo
Cabbage soupwith photo
Calf roast with saucewith photo
Carrot stewwith photo
Chili con carne, averagewith photo
Chili Con Carne, spicywith photo
Cod breadedwith photo
Cream of asparagus soupwith photo
Curd with herbs, chives, parsleywith photo
Dark gravywith photo
Fried potatoes with bacon and onionswith photo
Goose roast, classicalwith photo
Kaiserschmarrn (Austrian dessert)with photo
Köttbullar (swedish meat balls)with photo
LasagnePopular productwith photo
Lobscousewith photo
Mashed potatoes, canteen kitchenwith photo
Maultaschen (german cuisine)with photo
Nutella rollwith photo
Omelett, eggs, flour, milk
Pan cakeswith photo
PancakesPopular productwith photo
Pork filet stewedwith photo
Pork roast with sauce, kanteen kitchenwith photo
Potato gratin, averagewith photo
Potato vegetable casserole, scalloped with cheesewith photo
Ratatouillewith photo
Roast beef with sauce
Sandwich with ham and cheesewith photo
Sauerbraten with photo
Semolina puddingwith photo
Spaetzle cheese noodleswith photo
Spaghetti alla BolognesePopular productwith photo
Spaghetti Bolognese
Stir-fry with minced meat and ricewith photo
Stuffed bell pepperwith photo
Stuffed red bell pepperwith photo
Toast Hawaiiwith photo
Turkey goulashwith photo
Turnip stewwith photo
Vegetable lasagnewith photo
White bean stew with smoked pork chop
Wiener Schnitzelwith photo
Zucchini potato soupwith photo

Spaghettini no 3 | Uploaded by: JuliFisch

Spaghettini no 3 | Uploaded by: JuliFisch

Most popular in this group

Scrambled eggs
Schnitzel, breaded
Spaghetti alla Bolognese
Spaghetti Bolognese

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