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Average value (89), Butcher (309), Natural product (10), Restaurant (37), Selfmade (19)

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Abruzzo style salami
Apenzeller Mostbröckli, Mostbröckli
baked chicken thigh(skinless, boneless)
Beef hamwith photo
Beef rump steak
Beef steak (medium fat) fresh
Black Forest Schäufele smokedwith photo
Canned beef , Beef
Chicken breast steaks marinatedwith photo
Chicken cutlet dark
Chicken inner breast fillet skewer,
tomato yogurt

Chicken Minute Cutletwith photo
Crested roastwith photo
Deer roastwith photo
Fillet steak fried
galbi jjim
Grilled chicken, with skinwith photo
Iskender Kebab
Kebab Chicken (Meat Only)
Kebab salad
Kiyma , Danawith photo
Kylling grilled, chicken
Liver loaf roll with 100 gr. liver loafwith photo
Meatballs with parmesan
Minced beef fresh
Minced meat cookedwith photo
Paleron de Boeuf
Pig ears, raw
Pig's foot
Pointed leg
Pork loinwith photo
Pork ribs nature
Pork shoulder lean - cooked, as a roast or in soup
Pork tongue smoked & cooked
Raw beef hamwith photo
Roast chicken liver fresh
Salmon v pork, pork
sweet and sour pork tang su yuk
Turkey cordon bleuwith photo
Turkey hamwith photo
Turkey stomach
Veal cheeks
yang nyeom chicken korean

AIA aequilibrium
Bacon cubes, mildly smoked
baked chicken thigh(with skin, boneless)
Beef fat, raw
Beef neck roasted
Beef rump steak
Beef steak/ meat (medium fat)with photo
Bofrost Wiener Schnitzel gluten-free
Chicken breast fillet barbecue marinatedwith photo
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Chicken escalope breaded
Chicken legs, poultry
Chicken thighs
Dana Eti Az Yagli (Beef lean) , Danawith photo
djuvic rice
Fresh rump steaks
Govedi Prsutwith photo
Hamburger XLwith photo
Jamies Chilli con Carne, Chilli
Kebab meat poulet from Growa Bellach,

Kiyma , Dana
Königsberger meatballswith photo
Lamb - cutlet (according to DGE values)
Mangalica bacon fat
Meatballs with potato salad
Minced meat (beef)
Minced meat mixed 50%with photo
panchetta spar
Pig stomach
pigs bulgogi
Pork in its own juice, meatwith photo
pork loin steak seasonedwith photo
pork rinds, cooked
Pork tenderloin
Pulled pork sub
rigamonti carpaccio di bresaolawith photo
roasted chicken breast fillet
Spanish dried meat , Meat
Tantuniwith photo
Turkey breast fillet Aldi roasted
Turkey cutletwith photo
Turkey mini steak
Veal, steak shankwith photo
Veal sausage

Alber Kassler Ripperl , mild spicy
Albers Leberkäsbrät
Argentinian beef steak
Baden Schäufelewith photo
Beef, Pre-mealwith photo
Beef, prime rib
Beef, filet
Beef, very lean
Beef (Bug) Shoulder, Meat
Beef breast
Beef chopwith photo
Beef filet steak
Beef goulashwith photo
Beef lean, freshly cookedwith photo
Beef liver roastedwith photo
Beef medium fat
Beef prime ribwith photo
Beef roast meat
Beef rump steak Black Aged Pepper
Beef shoulder, shovel
Beef steakwith photo
Beef steak, filet steak, freshPopular productwith photo
Beef topside
Bison steak
Boar, freshly friedwith photo
Boar pork chop
Boiler meatwith photo
Breaded Schnitzel, Porkwith photo
Brisket of ox
Butcher pork cutlet (souvlaki), paprika marinade
Calf, leg
Calf cutletwith photo
Calf goulash
Cap of rump cookedwith photo
Cattle rib
Chicken, haunchwith photo
Chicken, haunchwith photo
Chicken breast, roastedwith photo
Chicken breast filet (inner part)with photo
Chicken breast without skin, naturalwith photo
Chicken breast, without skin, friedwith photo
Chicken Drumstick, Flesh, Skin & Fat, Baked
Chicken haunchwith photo
Chicken liver (butcher)
Chicken thighs, with skinwith photo
Cotlett pork medium fat , meat
Cracovian, porkwith photo
Deer haunch
Deer minced meat, venison
Dry aged beef rump steak
Duck thigh fresh
Entrecôte, roast beef
Fillet steak beef-- (natural)
Goose breastwith photo
Goose leg
Grilled chicken fillet, tender meat
Ground beef
Ham fatwith photo
Hofbauer smoked meat
Iberico pork loin, nutty
Irish Angus Burgerwith photo
Kassel comb smoked raw
Kassler neck without bone
Kidneywith photo
Lamb, Gigot
Lamb, chopped
Lamb, chop (boneless)
Lamb, filetwith photo
Lamb back
Lamb cutlet, natural
Lamb filet, roastedwith photo
Lamb filet friedwith photo
Lamb from neck / neck
Lamb meat, haunch
Lamb salmon
Lamb tongue
Leg of lamb (raw, edible portion)with photo
Leg slice, beefwith photo
liver, fried
Meatloaf in a bun
Minced beef meat, friedwith photo
Minced meat, mixedwith photo
Minced meat mixed, lean
Minute pork steak
Mutton, filet
Neck cutlet grilled, pork
Neck steak, porkwith photo
Ostrich filet
Ox roast, ox braised beef
Pheasant, game
Pig ear curedwith photo
Pig's headwith photo
Piglet meatwith photo
Point steak beefwith photo
Pork, cutletwith photo
Pork, chopwith photo
Pork, filet
Pork, medium fat
Pork belly, smokedwith photo
Pork bow (shoulder) - Schäufele
Pork cutletwith photo
Pork cutlets lean, natural
Pork from kidney piecewith photo
Pork knuckle, with sauce
Pork liver
Pork loin, leanwith photo
Pork neck, fat
Pork neck, medium fatwith photo
Pork ribs
Pork schnitzel, natural, friedwith photo
Pork shoulder
Pork steak, fresh, cooked
Pork tenderloin, smoked and curedwith photo
Pork tongue in aspic
Poulard breast freshwith photo
Prime boiled beef
Rabbit meat, rawwith photo
Rear triggered, cattle
Ribs lean
Roast beef, semi fatwith photo
Roast beef (sirloin)
Roast neck with bone
Roe deer ham, venisonwith photo
Rolled roast porkwith photo
Rum steak, beef
Rump steakwith photo
Saddle of pork, beef marinated
Saddle of venison, friedwith photo
Salted and smoked pork meat
Sand Bones
Shoulder shearling, beef
Smoked meatwith photo
Spareribs, cookedwith photo
Spit roast (pork)with photo
Steak haché 5% fat
T-Bone Steakwith photo
Tenderloin, roast beefwith photo
Turkey breast, friedwith photo
Turkey schnitzel, breaded
Turkey steak, marinated and seasonedwith photo
Veal, milks
Veal, cutlet
Veal breast
Veal kidney fresh
Veal loin steak
Veal shank, raw
Veal starter
Veal tongue
Venison lean-- (cooked)with photo
Wadschinken (goulash meat)
White shearling, beef
Wild rabbit

Alber pork topside cutlet
Albers pork sausage, hearty
Baden meatballs
Bear's garlic biscuits, farmer's puddingwith photo
Beef, rump
Beef, white shearling
Beef, lean meiselwith photo
Beef, mayor piece
Beef - faux fillet
Beef cheeks (raw)with photo
Beef filetwith photo
Beef flank (Flank Steak)with photo
Beef ham from the roll very lean,

Beef liver, freshwith photo
Beef marrowwith photo
Beef neck, beef neck
Beef roast from the bowwith photo
Beef roulade from the legwith photo
Beef schnitzelwith photo
Beef soup meat with bone (leg meat)
Beef steak, marinatedwith photo
Beef tongue low fat
Beef/pork minced meat fried (prepared without fat)
Blood and liver sausage, liver sausagewith photo
Boar backwith photo
Boiled beef lean without fat edge,
with photo
Bovine Bug
Breast tip pig
Bündnerfleischwith photo
Butterfly steak
Calf, kidney piece
Calf filetwith photo
Calf schnitzelwith photo
Cassel stick chop, boiled
Cevapcici Balls
Chicken, Breast filetPopular productwith photo
chicken -gyros
Chicken breast filetwith photo
Chicken breast not breaded butchery 100g,

Chicken breast, boiled/steamed
Chicken cutletwith photo
Chicken drumstick meat, without skin and boneswith photo
Chicken haunch without skinwith photo
Chicken mini steaks, natural
cold meat, beef
Cotlette, Calf
Deer biter, deer
Deer meat from hunter
Deer steak
Duck breast with skinwith photo
Elztäler Bratwurst
Entrecote from adolescent bullwith photo
Goat meat
Goose leg, without skin and fat
Goose with skin
Ground beefPopular productwith photo
Ham cutlet
Heart, turkey
Horse steakwith photo
Iberico pork neck
K's Beef Jerky, 100% Dried Beef
Karreesteak (pork)with photo
Kasslerwith photo
Kassler steak
Knuckle of pork
Lamb, muscle meat raw
Lamb, kidney piecewith photo
Lamb, gigot / leg / legwith photo
Lamb, minced meat / Pre-meal
Lamb cutletwith photo
Lamb cutlet
Lamb filetwith photo
Lamb fillet lean
Lamb in general
Lamb salmon, naturalwith photo
Lamb shoulderwith photo
Leg meat beef
Leg of rabbit
Liver, porkwith photo
Liver cheese
Minced beef 10% fat
Minced chicken
Minced meat, mixed (pork and beef)with photo
Minced meat, lamb
Minute steak from beef
Mutton, cutlet
Neck steak, in herb marinadewith photo
Neck steak , herb marinade
Ostrich steak
Peel ribs
Pig, kidney piece
Pig shoulderwith photo
Pigeon meat with skin
Point steak, beefwith photo
Pork, suckling pig with saucewith photo
Pork, meat cut into strips
Pork, neck (steak)with photo
Pork, minced meat / Voressen
Pork back cutlet or roastwith photo
Pork belly slicewith photo
Pork chop natural, roastedwith photo
Pork cutlet breaded, friedwith photo
Pork filetwith photo
Pork knuckle, bonelesswith photo
Pork knuckle cookedwith photo
Pork liverwith photo
Pork neck, leanwith photo
Pork neckwith photo
Pork ribwith photo
Pork roulade, steamed
Pork schnitzel, naturalwith photo
Pork starter
Pork steakwith photo
Pork tenderloin medallions fried (prepared with fat)with photo
Porterhouse steak (butcher)with photo
Power Beef, 100% Grisons beef
Rabbit filet lean, freshwith photo
Rack of lamb (butcher)
Rhenish Sauerbratenwith photo
Roast beef, leanwith photo
Roast beef, freshwith photo
Roast beef-- (freshly cooked)
Roast pork crustwith photo
Rolled ham
Rosswurstwith photo
Rump steak, buffalo
Russian minced meat stewwith photo
Saddle of pork steakwith photo
Salsiccia di suino fresca, sausagewith photo
Saltimbocca veal
Sauerbraten, without drippings
Shoulder of porkwith photo
Shovel piece, beef
South Tyrolean bacon
Suckling pig from spitwith photo
Tartare (beef), freshwith photo
Tomahawk ribeye steakwith photo
Turkey breast, Turkey schnitzelPopular productwith photo
Turkey dumplings
Turkey steak, Provencewith photo
Turkey top leg without skinwith photo
Veal, meat cut into strips
Veal, topside
Veal heart
Veal liver
Veal nut
Veal shoulderwith photo
Veal tongue, cookedwith photo
Venison ham, deer
Venison trecote
Wagyu Entrecte
Wild liver

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