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Edible grains and seeds


No photo | Uploaded by: Fddb»  (4)
No photo | Uploaded by: Fddb» Bread (149)
 | Uploaded by: JuliFisch» Flour (15)
No photo | Uploaded by: Fddb» Meat replacement (8)
No photo | Uploaded by: Fddb» Pastries (173)
 | Uploaded by: » Biscuits (21)
Cheese cake | Uploaded by: Thomas Bohlmann» Cake, pie (101)
No photo | Uploaded by: Fddb» Granola (28)
 | Uploaded by: JuliFisch» Pasta (39)
 | Uploaded by: JuliFisch» Rice products (28)


Alnatura (5), Average value (14), Baker (8), Diverse (3), Kellogg's (4), Natural product (12), Selfmade (6)

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